Commit 4995356a authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

update bctoolbox, libvpx (to 1.7) and mediastreamer2. [--force]

parent 4ece007e
Subproject commit 48ac645caa629a65fb164882aeddab7eb13a56a9
Subproject commit 88ed003beb9a33d9d80bbac8c53287039e1e30b0
Subproject commit d2b4742a04da011adf05a4ea63d041f60e50195a
Subproject commit f80be22a1099b2a431c2796f529bb261064ec6b4
Subproject commit acb4a5641f74500ac17df43ced7ffa5d71999574
Subproject commit 159c81ea545610dbfc0b048dfe4bdff8949eed5b
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