Commit 70544047 authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan

chore(submodules): update bctoolbox, belle-sip, linphone and mediastreamer2 [--force]

parent 65eebc55
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bctoolbox @ 48ac645c
Subproject commit 530ebd52386895fd149803ee27e1044670f4d5ec
Subproject commit 48ac645caa629a65fb164882aeddab7eb13a56a9
belle-sip @ 28b85529
Subproject commit 411e1c3ea8752927cff2ebb2c0170351f3879bab
Subproject commit 28b8552948d653bbe9b37f5f08473bb9e325829e
linphone @ 95e100ea
Subproject commit b7e9402521384ed4ab4edb93ee149797a2a6b3c3
Subproject commit 95e100ea33cb7bf4c73b08a3c831301dc01b4690
mediastreamer2 @ 601a833e
Subproject commit 47bc18c69c2a8e6d13fc67220445b4d0ab72b9ee
Subproject commit 601a833ea05f2b3264101d41ed16962d58e7c255
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