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### Features
- Add an autostart option in GUI settings.
- Add an option to play sound notification when an incoming chat message is received.
- Add an option to show TelKeypad automatically.
- Add an option to automatically record calls.
- Add an option to keep calls window in background.
- Add a CLI. Help is available with `linphone --cli-help`.
- Timeline uses current proxy config info.
- Display only unread chat message count of active proxy list.
- Display unread chat messages count in `Manage Accounts` dialog and in `Main Window`.
- Display unread message count in system tray icon/mac app icon.
- Display unread chat message count in `Manage Accounts` dialog and in `Main Window`.
- Add a media parameters dialog in the `Call View` to selected devices and set volume.
- TelKeypad supports A, B, C and D keys.
- TelKeypad supports keyboard.
- OpenH264 codec can be download in the application.
- Remove useless splashscreen.
- Disable screensaver on fullscreen video call.
- Add caller/callee on saved files.
### Fixes
- Display a busy indicator when a message is sent.
- Play a sound when DTMF is sent.
- Do not use `:` separator when a file is saved on Windows.
- Avoid mark as read on selected chat room if window is not active.
## 4.1.0 - 2017-07-19
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