Commit c31ccedd authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan

chore(build): force qt5 version and dir in rpm

parent ee527531
# -*- rpm-spec -*-
%define _qt5_version 5.10.1
%define _qt5_dir /opt/com.belledonne-communications/linphone
%define _qt5_archdatadir %{_qt5_dir}
%define _qt5_bindir %{_qt5_dir}/bin
%define _qt5_docdir %{_qt5_dir}/doc
......@@ -74,8 +74,4 @@ cd ..
tar --transform "s/^${REPO_FOLDER}/${RPM_NAME}/" -czvf ${RPM_FOLDER}/rpmbuild/SOURCES/${RPM_NAME}.tar.gz ${REPO_FOLDER}/
rpmbuild -bb \
--define '_qt5_dir /opt/com.belledonne-communications/linphone' \
--define "_qt5_version ${QT_VERSION}" \
--define "_topdir $PWD/${RPM_FOLDER}/rpmbuild" \
rpmbuild -bb --define "_topdir $PWD/${RPM_FOLDER}/rpmbuild" build/rpm/qt5.spec
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