Commit ca7c145d authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan

chore(CMakeLists.txt): fix messages-count-notifier headers on Windows

parent 7359bbe2
......@@ -232,8 +232,8 @@ if (UNIX AND NOT APPLE)
endif ()
if (WIN32)
list(APPEND SOURCES src/components/core/messages-count-notifier/MessagesCountNotifierWindow.cpp)
list(APPEND HEADERS src/components/core/messages-count-notifier/MessagesCountNotifierWindow.hpp)
list(APPEND SOURCES src/components/core/messages-count-notifier/MessagesCountNotifierWindows.cpp)
list(APPEND HEADERS src/components/core/messages-count-notifier/MessagesCountNotifierWindows.hpp)
endif ()
if (APPLE)
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