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# Changelog
## 4.1.0 - 2017-07-19
### Features
- Add tooltips on `recording` and `screenshot` buttons in `Calls Window`.
- Show notifications on `recording` and `screenshot`.
- Show `XXX is typing...` in `Timeline` and `Chat View`.
- Handle correctly `SIGINT`.
- Handle clicks on SIP URI in chat messages.
- Show video framerate in `Calls Stats`.
- Add a `Logs` menu entry in `Settings Window`, it provides send, remove, activate buttons...
- Supports EXIF orientation for file transfer images preview.
- Echo canceller supports 48kHz.
### Fixes
- Handle correctly ringer device changes in `Settings Window`.
- In `Video Settings`, display FPS field only in `custom preset` mode.
- Use now the directory containing user documents files for saved video/audio/screenshots.
- Update `Chat View` correctly if it is used in many windows.
- Update correctly selected language when app is restarted.
- Avoid a deadlock on Mac OS when a call ends in fullscreen mode.
- Application can be started from one binary only.
- Single instance is now supported with flatpak. (It uses D-Bus.)
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