Commit 55a9850b authored by QuentinArguillere's avatar QuentinArguillere
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Fix a crash that could happen when changing view while deleting a chatroom

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......@@ -63,7 +63,11 @@
if (!chatRoom)
linphone_chat_room_remove_callbacks(chatRoom, linphone_chat_room_get_current_callbacks(chatRoom));
LinphoneChatRoomCbs *cbs = linphone_chat_room_get_current_callbacks(chatRoom);
if (cbs) {// If the view is getting changed while a chatroom deletion is in progress, the callbacks may already have been deleted despite the chatroom still being there, causing a potential crash.
linphone_chat_room_remove_callbacks(chatRoom, cbs);
_chatRooms = _chatRooms->next;
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