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avoid overlapping chat cells

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......@@ -255,11 +255,11 @@ static const int BASIC_EVENT_LIST=15;
kCellId = NSStringFromClass(UIChatBubblePhotoCell.class);
kCellId = NSStringFromClass(UIChatBubbleTextCell.class);
// To use less memory and to avoid overlapping. To be improved.
UIChatBubbleTextCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:kCellId];
if (!cell) {
cell = [[NSClassFromString(kCellId) alloc] initWithIdentifier:kCellId];
cell = [[NSClassFromString(kCellId) alloc] initWithIdentifier:kCellId];
[cell setEvent:event];
if (chat) {
cell.isFirst = [self isFirstIndexInTableView:indexPath chat:chat];
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