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Ready for tests

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......@@ -87,6 +87,25 @@ After the SDK is built, just open the Linphone Xcode project with Xcode, and pre
Linphone controls the embedding of these codecs thanks to the preprocessor macros HAVE_SILK, HAVE_AMR, HAVE_G729 HAVE_OPENH264 positioned in Xcode project.
Before embedding these 4 codecs in the final application, make sure to have the right to do so.
You need the cocoapods gem installed:
sudo gem install cocoapods
pod setup # the first time that cocoapods is installed, not needed if you have it already
pod init
This will install the KIF framework, which is used for testing:
pod install
After this, you should open the xcworkspace instead of the xcodeproj
open linphone.xcworkspace
Now, simply press `Command + U` and the default simulator will launch and try to pass all the tests.
* Video capture does not work in simulator (not implemented by simulator?).
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