Commit a2250820 authored by DanmeiChen's avatar DanmeiChen

fix auto download file

parent 882cf5af
......@@ -1396,13 +1396,15 @@ void on_chat_room_conference_alert(LinphoneChatRoom *cr, const LinphoneEventLog
} else {
NSString *key = @"localfile";
//write file to path
if([view writeFileInICloud:data fileURL:[view getICloudFileUrl:name]]) {
if([self writeFileInICloud:data fileURL:[self getICloudFileUrl:name]]) {
dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
[LinphoneManager setValueInMessageAppData:name forKey:key inMessage:message];
//[LinphoneManager setValueInMessageAppData:filePath forKey:@"cachedfile" inMessage:message];
[NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter postNotificationName:kLinphoneMessageReceived object:view];
[view.tableController scrollToLastUnread:TRUE];
});} else {
LOGE(@"[Auto download error] can not save the file %@", name);
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