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    Feature : Nuget and UWP · c4863f01
    Julien Wadel authored
    - Fix crash on exiting OpenGL while the mode wasn't set adn clean created window if using MS_FILTER_VIDEO_NONE after MS_FILTER_VIDEO_AUTO
    - Fix auto shutdown server, xml and log files
    - Auto end tester server when there are no more processes
    - Stop UWP tester when there are no arguments
    - Fix CI results file name
    - ortp : Windows Fix : join multicast group by binding on wild card interface first (if error)
    - reduce jobs when testing UWP
    - Set MTU receive buffer to 4000 when using L16 - On tester keep an instance of LinphoneCall while doing test on it - UWP Tetser : Fix log file on childs
    - MSMediaFoundation : Closong buffer when done, don't use a frame where the buffer size mismatch with the frame size. Add more exception managment
    - Remove stuck folders (generated protected AppPackages)
    - CI : remove binaries before building
    - Revert absolute path on writable folder as it should be passed in tester parameters (xml/log)
    - Windows tester : Propagate xml and log file to childs