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## License
<Copyright © Belledonne Communications>
Copyright © Belledonne Communications
The products developped in the context of the Linphone project are dual licensed:
- under a GNU GPLv3 license for free (see LICENSE.txt file for details)
- under a proprietary license, for closed source projects. Contact for costs and other service information.
The software products developed in the context of the Linphone project are dual licensed, and are available either :
Please refer to the files in the submodules (linphone (ie liblinphone), mediastreamer2, ortp, belle-sip, belr) for more information.
The projects assembled in the `external` directory have their own open-source license.
- under a [GNU/GPLv3 license](, for free (open source). Please make sure that you understand and agree with the terms of this license before using it (see LICENSE.txt file for details).
- under a proprietary license, for a fee, to be used in closed source applications. Contact [Belledonne Communications]( for any question about costs and services.
## Build dependencies
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