Commit c0428141 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

Update linphone, belle-sip and mediastreamer2

parent a458d227
Subproject commit 63c943755b5c9cbd7e25d09800269beeb36819ba
Subproject commit d0ebcd6df46c7b145a068b281a86af162a6be016
Subproject commit 5a0e2416a3499603e0d0dc8873681cb8f6ee9f1a
Subproject commit f7742c21ac1750c6f32cf12eb22df6b83597a0f5
Subproject commit f54fe68942c968d16ac8bd19656a95d82f6bdbb8
Subproject commit c4a50205190ef095ba29680a69e310ef341e4ab5
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