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Add instructions in for windows build.

Without them you'll be busy for 3-4 hours before you have a running build.
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......@@ -4,19 +4,43 @@ Meta repository holding all the dependencies to build a full Linphone SDK.
The currently supported platforms are Android, iOS, Desktop (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X) and UWP (Universal Windows Platform).
## Dependencies
## Build dependencies
### Common to all target platforms
The following tools must be installed on the build machine:
- cmake >= 3.6
- python = 2.7 (python 3.7 if C# wrapper generation is disabled)
- pip
- yasm
- nasm
- doxygen
- Pystache (use `pip install pystache`)
- six (use `pip install six`)
### Windows
SDK is working with Visual Studio 15 2017.
Also you need to have MinGW with GCC and G++ module.
## Building and customizing the SDK
SDK compilation is supported on Visual Studio 15 2017.
Setting the build environment on Windows is a bit tricky.
In addition to the common components listed above, these components must be installed:
- MinGW (select all installer options except Ada and Fortran)
- Yasm:
- download yasm-1.3.0-win32.exe
- copy it to a `bin` directory of your user directory,
- rename yasm-1.3.0-win32.exe as yasm.exe
Visual Studio must also be properly configured with addons. Under "Tools"->"Obtain tools and features", make sure that the following components are installed:
- Tasks: Select Windows Universal Platform development, Desktop C++ Development, .NET Development
- Individual component: Windows 8.1 SDK
Finally add your user `bin` directory and `C:\Mingw\bin` to the PATH environement variable from windows advanced settings.
The build system is based on CMake, so you need to install it first if you don't have it on your machine.
## Building and customizing the SDK
The steps to build the SDK are:
1. Create and go inside a directory where the SDK will be built:
`mkdir build-desktop && cd build-desktop`
`mkdir build && cd build
2. Execute CMake to configure the project:
`cmake ..`
3. Build the SDK:
......@@ -28,6 +52,13 @@ You can pass some options to CMake at the second step to configure the SDK as yo
For instance, to build an iOS SDK (the default being Desktop):
### Windows
`cmake --build .` works on Windows as for all platforms.
However it may be convenient to build from Visual Studio, which you can do:
- open `linphone-sdk.sln` with Visual Studio
- make sure that RelWithDebInfo mode is selected unless you specified -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug to cmake (see customization options below).
- use `Build solution` to build.
## Upgrading your SDK
Simply re-invoking `cmake --build .` in your build directory should update your SDK. If compilation fails, you may need to rebuilding everything by erasing your build directory and restarting your build as explained above.
......@@ -55,7 +86,7 @@ This SDK can be generated in 2 flavors:
* GPL third parties enabled means that the Linphone SDK includes GPL third parties like FFmpeg. If you choose this flavor, your final application **must comply with GPL in any case**. This is the default mode.
* NO GPL third parties means that the Linphone SDK will only use non GPL code except for the code from Belledonne Communications. If you choose this flavor, your final application is **still subject to GPL except if you have a [commercial license from Belledonne Communications](**.
* NO GPL third parties means that the Linphone SDK will only use non GPL code except for the code from Belledonne Communications. If you choose this flavor, your final application is **still subject to the GPL except if you have a [commercial license from Belledonne Communications](**.
To generate the a SDK without GPL third parties, use the `-DENABLE_GPL_THIRD_PARTIES=NO` option when configuring the project.
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