Commit 1f912b2b authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update some submodules.

parent 814a2be2
bctoolbox @ 7d6bc9ae
Subproject commit 28f8a7c7f7ba09e058c910622c1c874231d0df17
Subproject commit 7d6bc9ae0a751f7ac9cd4dcce61b36b0ba109b08
belle-sip @ d10b3f92
Subproject commit cae5c297a1544bfc1ca84ecdf2be84a8c049e926
Subproject commit d10b3f9211825f9df3f7d6f2468f782afa0465d5
cmake-builder @ a971bd99
Subproject commit b5d64440576865356db8d76638967902aede80b0
Subproject commit a971bd99f449880fc1619d6a3bb5dbcaec1f7a42
mbedtls @ 02d64e46
Subproject commit edb1a483971c836e84e95d7b73ee39bd6b450675
Subproject commit 02d64e46be98442e1f8ca001d6d5c62ff48e36a3
linphone @ a442d453
Subproject commit 179857620fceb209567d32a36ac9493e50640999
Subproject commit a442d453098961e664feab1d7387a5b87a6092cd
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