Commit 35fc68fd authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Add the submodules that were supposed to have been moved but were in fact deleted.

parent fc31d93a
antlr3 @ 52075ffb
Subproject commit 52075ffb35975c6901e924b4a763b6fb23abd623
cunit @ 651adae3
Subproject commit 651adae37428fce433bc8876d9a479d0a9bc6471
gsm @ 0f8822b5
Subproject commit 0f8822b5326c76bb9dc4c6b552631f51792c3982
libmatroska-c @ 6d1a5e09
Subproject commit 6d1a5e0981202924866000e0cc75c47f41910040
libxml2 @ c943f708
Subproject commit c943f708f1853de4eb15e5a94cf0b35d108da87a
opencore-amr @ 3b67218f
Subproject commit 3b67218fb8efb776bcd79e7445774e02d778321d
opus @ f6e42a9d
Subproject commit f6e42a9d70c172926d6285029b0569198561effb
polarssl @ b6cc048a
Subproject commit b6cc048a387f51c1f04c7f20a2056da833d65172
speex @ caeb7305
Subproject commit caeb73052b1171758acb565e7174a49fbd1427d2
srtp @ 9aad73de
Subproject commit 9aad73de6f6e501ed906aa5a56baa3b1a17517e6
vo-amrwbenc @ 3b3fcd0d
Subproject commit 3b3fcd0d250948e74cd67e7ea81af431ab3928f9
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