Commit 4434e2e1 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update belle-sip, mswinrtvid and linphone submodules.

parent ef530ce3
belle-sip @ 333c4273
Subproject commit 041ddf2f30e2e66cb0047112f1250ccb39706c68
Subproject commit 333c427353ee224882e579c3303630a73cba0176
linphone @ 13e428e4
Subproject commit 90427700c2f9b206c9808ee6ffd3141fcd4fcf79
Subproject commit 13e428e440cd3481f4f062a7363f54f9e86ed709
mswinrtvid @ cc6fb65c
Subproject commit ba4cef057c079299128e1386c34cbea069c1349e
Subproject commit cc6fb65c065920875aadbae54296f8d4d7eea88f
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