Commit 5ff33561 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update linphone, mswp8vid and speex submodules.

parent 4addeb78
linphone @ 19e8ed43
Subproject commit e05d5e17876c0f8b4bf5975124b4a9b8c1a27cd8
Subproject commit 19e8ed4382689ae5d88f04f07d984ebf0acf812b
mswp8vid @ 810f3e23
Subproject commit 5d9cbf313374ab8b50e85994de12ad5d2181fd6e
Subproject commit 810f3e2336b90c58816dd7bdebecb14eb6ec262e
speex @ f3df5a54
Subproject commit 317a4b92abdfb2d289b3839d757ecb036233e8fc
Subproject commit f3df5a5451088921fe539bbb21dc4cf20704e08f
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