Commit 9e78382f authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update belle-sip, linphone and opus submodules.

parent babf6deb
belle-sip @ 6fce3a79
Subproject commit 9bf1eecf12bb8a0884025d35de9b50b0875b9ecc
Subproject commit 6fce3a793570e9920f18c29f411b9204249e229f
linphone @ 04c92db5
Subproject commit 1ebc2b94546129844ed62976d38e98c71092796f
Subproject commit 04c92db5b7b8af7b105feb219904998b77891ad1
opus @ f6e42a9d
Subproject commit b38511e531ac0d5b87753bfb705f500db21c61c3
Subproject commit f6e42a9d70c172926d6285029b0569198561effb
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