Commit ac7582ed authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update belle-sip, linphone and mswp8vid submodules.

parent 2f7e3ef2
belle-sip @ 21f2c221
Subproject commit 471159b081b4b0d64942758c073bf4fecd7fa3d2
Subproject commit 21f2c2212a68239b32dbdb0914cc24d560a0d7a0
linphone @ 681a5834
Subproject commit 72c628819e74aa57d194c37bcb4bb835b3e73a6c
Subproject commit 681a5834c51c2d7437eabe07b5046318587c60ac
mswp8vid @ 498b4945
Subproject commit 810f3e2336b90c58816dd7bdebecb14eb6ec262e
Subproject commit 498b494573b7817ce0e61bb550603631924d9827
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