Commit b6d4e695 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update belle-sip, cmake-builder and linphone submodules.

parent e4c086f1
belle-sip @ 2f08fe8e
Subproject commit 0b20501caaac1f722246c250fd41d40c55d7cb81 Subproject commit 2f08fe8e239307f9997eeef692a495155acc3c1e
cmake-builder @ 80b3309b
Subproject commit 4a0bdf178c379d924ddcf65249f8f1e3701a96a5 Subproject commit 80b3309b2827f800252fbfa3379d7bd73a7dfb02
linphone @ a70b12c8
Subproject commit 7c03fefec58c2bbef0015eeb59e5a28fee2e752d Subproject commit a70b12c8922befc2b3c8f566439f202cd2a26edf
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