Commit ce6e1578 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update bctoolbox, belle-sip, cmake-builder and linphone submodules.

parent 1d970879
bctoolbox @ 8e9e5a53
Subproject commit d0c166650a4a39aaae1d5bc17b5ae64639982930
Subproject commit 8e9e5a538ed587911004631c26d7a30d500fbb87
belle-sip @ abe4d02e
Subproject commit 96d9dc552ce67db241aca45df549428f195461af
Subproject commit abe4d02ee99d42f71ddd9195a07aadb2295a7546
cmake-builder @ 4435aed9
Subproject commit 55cb3de736dd5cc4030e363018e1f346eb9f6406
Subproject commit 4435aed951fbc15973e4535e08e196e26cafff19
linphone @ cf42a0e8
Subproject commit c99c4b1b276d3b06e44eb17a256ca3a678854f90
Subproject commit cf42a0e8054a3fa20a7bcbab28ef87dec6d86a79
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