Commit d9c183c0 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Update some submodules.

parent 044efcae
belle-sip @ 34a227fd
Subproject commit f76447b43e3bbd31dfe6fdbe280e99e2aea73382
Subproject commit 34a227fd3b31a2844c9aa9ee8baaa027f9e78890
cmake-builder @ caa056a1
Subproject commit 8ae96c1a2a92ebdff6ca17996a82dc7bef559439
Subproject commit caa056a15a6d0b46f1a262d649191b31d4a8802c
linphone @ 60e70816
Subproject commit ba58c9f03851e8381d781a38d93911d025bf9271
Subproject commit 60e70816d222c650d89e453796fdc073be8b28b9
matroska @ 6d1a5e09
Subproject commit b5254a96518b962a9738aa6c6f7dc28b5f312793
Subproject commit 6d1a5e0981202924866000e0cc75c47f41910040
mswinrtvid @ e747f756
Subproject commit fe66333d9434269fb16635eef494896fa140b37d
Subproject commit e747f756bd10c7bfbc3bda5ae40423cae1dd8ca2
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