Commit 1010a107 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Updated submodules

parent ebea0142
belle-sip @ 079445bf
Subproject commit e5416ab8e007eb5e0e2035861346ea9cca2eeb43
Subproject commit 079445bf2072a6e3336dc3f00900753b0738052c
linphone @ 3e9c5351
Subproject commit 9a9c5d61b80648a73c741bbeb89375f197d797fa
Subproject commit 3e9c5351b308aa6ac60db372eced838965454f46
mediastreamer2 @ e298ab74
Subproject commit ec4bca08096c9afa508c115f1a19f0f176d9a76c
Subproject commit e298ab742bb1591392753b6b89887841ed32e131
mswasapi @ 624512b7
Subproject commit 82074a14ba326dbd5960d9d0c8b474b8377ae2f4
Subproject commit 624512b75b25fddfb420fe25a4905c7da7556e5c
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