Commit 125144d0 authored by Erwan Croze's avatar Erwan Croze 👋🏻

[Switch submodule branch] Update submodules

parent ac570b76
bctoolbox @ 3070af7a
Subproject commit 02caea7df8381b0c5dadcfbfd39ff0b33a2577b7
Subproject commit 3070af7aa75f92e8ea38ec7f0e0024a74a669fa4
belle-sip @ 4d199623
Subproject commit f7dbb868d48b4ff7d0891618c60842dba73d2f14
Subproject commit 4d19962374a009a94974f439219ee714136d7264
linphone @ 76ccd7c1
Subproject commit 26b7217fbb2f2bb25d2421af83dcb9a8bea60af0
Subproject commit 76ccd7c138b7ddd3d429fb934938778ec60361c0
mediastreamer2 @ 6b78f956
Subproject commit c0b0271b960b0848367fb177d7e6bc1c0b582e71
Subproject commit 6b78f95624660c4e1160c3caac74732250321ce1
ortp @ 90c00439
Subproject commit e9c2d48c917d78c529eefb9f824ae52238f950d4
Subproject commit 90c00439f72ba5826f7d62d1fdc98d4a42752f8d
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