Commit 18386db5 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Updated submodules (liblinphone wp8 test app)

parent a5c14e24
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cunit @ 1cfa64e1
Subproject commit c190d111d3020ddc066e787b3d77aef6a8819469
Subproject commit 1cfa64e1075822e3acf9663aded232dfd171dae1
linphone @ bf73a512
Subproject commit 1721fbd084e2bb79ef1712e453b31acc8bc0549d
Subproject commit bf73a512ab179b9c239cfb94ff45067f5a02546e
mediastreamer2 @ 86091e8e
Subproject commit 13dc8238f98d8816964fbec30ed277c4a4cc02a9
Subproject commit 86091e8e8ae9e03a14d07e71caf2deb5dcf7d1c0
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