Commit 2b0f1224 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini

Updated submodules (linphone, ms2, oRTP and belle-sip)

parent c34d8a39
belle-sip @ b6d22963
Subproject commit bfa400bd6e788b04b1000153e8b17f0562066e55
Subproject commit b6d2296301a4cd7064affbe9db7eb36ef03758e5
linphone @ 77b06af7
Subproject commit fe7f78c52eae0859fe26503db35a33cfc466363d
Subproject commit 77b06af7a12f046acf46f2cfd592fd0070485d98
mediastreamer2 @ 0ce91ef3
Subproject commit b8ce379db94dc482f98511351968f3ce733b84c5
Subproject commit 0ce91ef37e349bcd27f9bbea604c24763fc3c56b
oRTP @ 706f0b59
Subproject commit 679d0d325f22ab3670eeee19b3f09d494efe3056
Subproject commit 706f0b59f818a69c673053e831fa1f19a855f80b
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