Commit 3d43460e authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Submodules updated, liblinphone compilation ok

parent e8030044
belle-sip @ 5c4514cf
Subproject commit 3cf4815b299c464aea911d8c3ce7ebd33ab8f39c
Subproject commit 5c4514cf7d37a40e20f4d314b79ce81aae85c7c5
linphone @ e7af27f1
Subproject commit c3ebf99f5ea6ec9d1ef26b2c65f1f4262f4f00ca
Subproject commit e7af27f1a16f7f231798b067ac5035f51ad75bf8
mediastreamer2 @ 13dc8238
Subproject commit e4911360898f9497079ee5862cbab46a71c5da8f
Subproject commit 13dc8238f98d8816964fbec30ed277c4a4cc02a9
oRTP @ 16db7965
Subproject commit 25c60507e35ce5f5110333a788b40795cee8e2ea
Subproject commit 16db796543aa4cf0e44bb022f5556d7536e60c34
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