Commit 4cbcf3aa authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY

Update submodules for changes to only use API allowed for WP8 applications.

parent d272bed1
belle-sip @ bfa400bd
Subproject commit 8e571e5f641c0bd673ce191d237d3cb2f0eac63c
Subproject commit bfa400bd6e788b04b1000153e8b17f0562066e55
linphone @ fe7f78c5
Subproject commit 14b83dc601eca72a3839dc6d15d5c810968791a6
Subproject commit fe7f78c52eae0859fe26503db35a33cfc466363d
mediastreamer2 @ b8ce379d
Subproject commit d6122852f2e6ac4a35c3451f1a7937947e2be771
Subproject commit b8ce379db94dc482f98511351968f3ce733b84c5
oRTP @ 679d0d32
Subproject commit 020d921f876ed04d434425fb2176642bbe9b3004
Subproject commit 679d0d325f22ab3670eeee19b3f09d494efe3056
tunnel @ 7870df8f
Subproject commit dd0aaab191564e1fee31ac0c241747a83da70dab
Subproject commit 7870df8ff40028d90033eeb8205f175d4c4e401a
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