Commit 6731e62c authored by Mickaël Turnel's avatar Mickaël Turnel

[Switch submodule branch] Removed antlr3 dependency and updated bellesip,...

[Switch submodule branch] Removed antlr3 dependency and updated bellesip, cmake-builder and bctoolbox
parent 74e801e5
[submodule "submodules/externals/antlr3"]
path = submodules/externals/antlr3
url = git://
[submodule "submodules/belle-sip"]
path = submodules/belle-sip
url = git://
bctoolbox @ a7778bc6
Subproject commit e0e7e59741de06ba6c9ca9d2ec69037230c15256
Subproject commit a7778bc6f0e2f7d8c491543ab8fd8d2faa4fec15
belle-sip @ 68f16480
Subproject commit 4d19962374a009a94974f439219ee714136d7264
Subproject commit 68f1648017dde65edc8cd8054016fa3486a2955b
cmake-builder @ 3d34b1b1
Subproject commit f526565fa314cc8b2226ac955d06453390b04bc6
Subproject commit 3d34b1b15692a6a8bc518fc1606b377490f3767c
antlr3 @ 53569650
Subproject commit 53569650feabe789dd655745f0b19e02b5f9600b
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