Commit 86e22265 authored by Mickaël Turnel's avatar Mickaël Turnel

Update submodules

bctoolbox, linphone, mediastreamer2 and ortp
parent 404aa0f9
bctoolbox @ 38213824
Subproject commit 74918554d02e66e2fb1df0bbedcf7f19a7266584
Subproject commit 38213824116fca5b6917de9635bdf416be6f23ec
linphone @ 5817cb36
Subproject commit 40b0857de0141dd346d82be00263ea06c0186627
Subproject commit 5817cb363e8565df5c92eaf446b492427f434d2b
mediastreamer2 @ bd305549
Subproject commit 016e04c878d6ef3c807180ec4413aa0bac265977
Subproject commit bd305549ec023eafc31738628731735d5d1ae56a
ortp @ 37ee5af6
Subproject commit 5f8fcddce392f1510768949a4691f9e8c170badb
Subproject commit 37ee5af65daf9b34c0dcd2badccb16d5e3d7c668
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