Commit 8b162b52 authored by Erwan Croze's avatar Erwan Croze 👋🏻
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Update submodules

parent 087bd8e4
belcard @ ebd03758
Subproject commit f5a8603f8e379486d3a4bfa4d74861b0a2d880dd
Subproject commit ebd037585965ce80f01be5290abc7e5455009eb8
belle-sip @ b1695fb5
Subproject commit 70c6de05fd4497dc8782abecaadf4bda8482873c
Subproject commit b1695fb52ede996ed0b50167aab787d1373f49e4
linphone @ e00b30de
Subproject commit 86de4723dacb87896368c0d73fe00a615ddaa7bd
Subproject commit e00b30de861bb4e793ad085226546ba6246ae7ed
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