Commit a1d913fd authored by Mickaël Turnel's avatar Mickaël Turnel

Update submodule mediastreamer2, linphone and msopenh264

parent 81f4aa13
linphone @ 20efb4ad
Subproject commit 4192811b7f04a0565c16f77f63ca3bef77697caa
Subproject commit 20efb4ad41357daf700fa393dbcae9fdb3ab2730
mediastreamer2 @ 927dda74
Subproject commit c7b8e6f14c9078bf0b1b3f3c197aa46c30de9075
Subproject commit 927dda7418fef78d92e1c3da18854841de9da605
msopenh264 @ 87b973e0
Subproject commit 18b41c2569ea76b8eb1df9f85a32f16b3d001cc0
Subproject commit 87b973e0560a590db0aed0bf657c4e79dfc72f7f
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