Commit b707ec1a authored by Mickaël Turnel's avatar Mickaël Turnel

Update cmake-builder and libxml2

These submodule have to be updated at the same time.
Because cmake-builder contains changes for the newer version of libxml2.
parent b5c8a380
cmake-builder @ f526565f
Subproject commit 17f6de31539ee1df39ae54038300d95418947eef
Subproject commit f526565fa314cc8b2226ac955d06453390b04bc6
libxml2 @ bec3c17f
Subproject commit c943f708f1853de4eb15e5a94cf0b35d108da87a
Subproject commit bec3c17fae1610c6e39f982a35b391d9f1c84943
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