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Update release notes.

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......@@ -16,6 +16,17 @@ If not, right click on Linphone project and choose the menu "Set as StartUp proj
See README.txt file for an explanation about how the project is working.
* Incoming calls are working in background mode but need push notifications to be notified
* Audio codecs available: ARM-NB, ARM-WB, Speex/16000, Speex/8000, PCMU/8000, PCMA/8000, G722, iLBC, SILK/16000, GSM
* UDP, TCP and TLS are supported for SIP transport
* Tunnel support
* Call pause/resume working correctly
* DTMF sending method configuration
* Persistent call history
* WebRTC echo canceller can be enabled
* C++/Cx API wrapper completely filled and documented for audio communications
* Outgoing calls are working
* Incoming calls are working when the app is in foreground
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