Commit 8714aa36 authored by Benjamin REIS's avatar Benjamin REIS

modify to prefix all target

parent 9929ecc8
......@@ -206,9 +206,9 @@ class IOSPreparator(prepare.Preparator):
arch_targets = ""
for arch in platforms:
arch_targets += """
{arch}: {arch}-build
ios-{arch}: ios-{arch}-build
\t{generator} iOS/ios-{arch}/cmake/{project_file}
\t@echo "Done"
""".format(arch=arch, generator=generator, project_file=project_file)
......@@ -223,14 +223,14 @@ class IOSPreparator(prepare.Preparator):
\tfi; \\
""".format(first_arch=platforms[0], arch=arch)
makefile = """
LINPHONE_IPHONE_VERSION=$(shell git describe --always)
.PHONY: all
.SILENT: ios-sdk
all: generate-ios-sdk
\tarchives=`find iOS/liblinphone-sdk/{first_arch}-apple-darwin.ios -name '*.framework'` && \\
\trm -rf iOS/liblinphone-sdk/apple-darwin && \\
\tmkdir -p iOS/liblinphone-sdk/apple-darwin && \\
......@@ -255,8 +255,8 @@ IOSsdk:
\t\tlipo -create -output $$destpath/$$framework_name $$armv7_path/$$framework_name $$arm64_path/$$framework_name $$x86_64_path/$$framework_name; \\
\tdone; \\
generate-ios-sdk: $(addsuffix -build, $(archs))
\t$(MAKE) IOSsdk
generate-ios-sdk: $(addprefix ios-, $(addsuffix -build, $(ios-archs)))
\t$(MAKE) ios-sdk
......@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@ help: help-prepare-options
\t@echo "Available targets:"
\t@echo ""
\t@echo " * all or generate-ios-sdk: builds all architectures and creates the liblinphone SDK"
\t@echo " * IOSsdk: creates the liblinphone SDK. Use this only after a full build"
\t@echo " * ios-sdk: creates the liblinphone SDK. Use this only after a full build"
\t@echo ""
""".format(archs=' '.join(platforms), arch_opts='|'.join(platforms),
first_arch=platforms[0], options=' '.join(sys.argv),
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