Commit 07688170 authored by jehan's avatar jehan

fix sipp tests

parent ea37289b
......@@ -58,15 +58,18 @@ FILE *sip_start(const char *senario, const char* dest_username, const char *pass
char *dest;
char *command;
FILE *file;
char local_ip[64];
if (linphone_address_get_port(dest_addres)>0)
dest = ms_strdup_printf("%s:%i",linphone_address_get_domain(dest_addres),linphone_address_get_port(dest_addres));
dest = ms_strdup_printf("%s",linphone_address_get_domain(dest_addres));
linphone_core_get_local_ip_for(AF_INET, linphone_address_get_domain(dest_addres), local_ip);
//until errors logs are handled correctly and stop breaks output, they will be DISABLED
command = ms_strdup_printf(SIPP_COMMAND" -sf %s -s %s %s -trace_err -trace_msg -rtp_echo -m 1 -d 1000 -ap %s 2>/dev/null",senario
command = ms_strdup_printf(SIPP_COMMAND" -sf %s -s %s %s -i %s -trace_err -trace_msg -rtp_echo -m 1 -d 1000 -ap %s 2>/dev/null",senario
ms_message("Starting sipp command [%s]",command);
......@@ -168,7 +171,7 @@ static void call_with_audio_mline_before_video_in_sdp(void) {
scen = bc_tester_res("sipp/call_with_audio_mline_before_video_in_sdp.xml");
sipp_out = sip_start(scen, linphone_address_get_username(mgr->identity), NULL, mgr->identity);
if (sipp_out) {
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