Commit 2a3495cd authored by Sandrine Avakian's avatar Sandrine Avakian

Fixing omitted ifdef VIDEO_ENABLED missing.

parent 4eb6a030
......@@ -430,8 +430,10 @@ test_t quality_reporting_tests[] = {
{ "Call term session report invalid if missing mandatory fields", quality_reporting_invalid_report},
{ "Call term session report sent if call ended normally", quality_reporting_at_call_termination},
{ "Interval report if interval is configured", quality_reporting_interval_report},
{ "Interval report if interval is configured with video and realtime text", quality_reporting_interval_report_video_and_rtt},
{ "Session report sent if video stopped during call", quality_reporting_session_report_if_video_stopped},
{ "Sent using custom route", quality_reporting_sent_using_custom_route},
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