Commit 069bf8a4 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩
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Fix sound issue in qsa due to latest tries

parent fc5483dd
......@@ -526,7 +526,7 @@ static void ms_qsa_write_process(MSFilter *f) {
ms_bufferizer_read(d->bufferizer, d->buffer, size);
written = snd_pcm_plugin_write(d->handle, d->buffer, d->buffer_size);
written = snd_pcm_plugin_write(d->handle, d->buffer, size);
if (written < d->buffer_size) {
ms_warning("%s: snd_pcm_plugin_write(%d) failed: %s", __FUNCTION__, d->buffer_size, strerror(errno));
memset(&status, 0, sizeof(status));
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