Commit 0780ed67 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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fix compilation error due to introduction of MSText

parent 8799e7b8
......@@ -1307,6 +1307,9 @@ static int matroska_track_set_info(Matroska *obj, int trackNum, const MSFmtDescr
EBML_FloatSetValue((ebml_float *)EBML_MasterGetChild(audioInfo, &MATROSKA_ContextSamplingFrequency), fmt->rate);
EBML_IntegerSetValue((ebml_integer *)EBML_MasterGetChild(audioInfo, &MATROSKA_ContextChannels), fmt->nchannels);
ms_error("matroska_track_set_info: format type '%s' not handled.",ms_format_type_to_string(fmt->type));
return 0;
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