Commit 1433a1b1 authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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stun.c: fix compilation with clang

parent 04d0238a
......@@ -574,8 +574,9 @@ void ms_sockaddr_to_stun_address(const struct sockaddr *addr, MSStunAddress *stu
MSStunAddress ms_ip_address_to_stun_address(int ai_family, int socktype, const char *hostname, int port) {
MSStunAddress stun_addr = { 0 };
MSStunAddress stun_addr;
struct addrinfo *res = bctbx_ip_address_to_addrinfo(ai_family, socktype, hostname, port);
memset(&stun_addr, 0, sizeof(stun_addr));
ms_sockaddr_to_stun_address(res->ai_addr, &stun_addr);
return stun_addr;
......@@ -721,7 +722,7 @@ MSStunMessage * ms_stun_message_create_from_buffer_parsing(const uint8_t *buf, s
size_t padding;
uint16_t type;
uint16_t length;
decode_attribute_header(&decoder, &type, &length);
if (length > decoder.remaining) {
ms_error("STUN attribute larger than message (attribute type: 0x%4x)", type);
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