Commit 1fa78d2f authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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Initialize variables

parent daad2755
......@@ -203,13 +203,13 @@ int mkv_reader_seek(MKVReader *reader, int pos_ms) {
if(cue_point==NULL) cue_point = next_cue_point;
if(cue_point) {
ebml_element *track_position;
filepos_t pos;
filepos_t pos = 0;
ms_list_for_each(reader->readers, (MSIterateFunc)_mkv_track_reader_edit_seek);
for(track_position=EBML_MasterFindChild((ebml_master *)cue_point, &MATROSKA_ContextCueTrackPositions);
track_position = EBML_MasterFindNextElt((ebml_master *)cue_point, track_position, FALSE, FALSE)) {
int track_num = EBML_IntegerValue((ebml_integer *)EBML_MasterFindChild((ebml_master *)track_position, &MATROSKA_ContextCueTrack));
MKVTrackReader *t_reader;
MKVTrackReader *t_reader = NULL;
for(it = reader->readers; it != NULL; it=it->next) {
t_reader = (MKVTrackReader *)it->data;
if(t_reader->track_num == track_num) break;
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