Commit 203c5bbc authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat

fix memory leak

parent 82849dbb
......@@ -1101,13 +1101,15 @@ static IceTransaction * ice_find_transaction(const IceCheckList *cl, const IceCa
static int ice_send_message_to_socket(const RtpTransport * rtpt,char* buf,size_t len, const struct sockaddr *to, socklen_t tolen) {
return meta_rtp_transport_modifier_inject_packet_to(rtpt
mblk_t *m = rtp_session_create_packet_raw((const uint8_t *)buf, len);
int err = meta_rtp_transport_modifier_inject_packet_to(rtpt
,rtp_session_create_packet_raw((const uint8_t *)buf, len)
, m
, 0
return err;
static int ice_send_message_to_stun_addr(const RtpTransport * rtpt,char* buff,size_t len, StunAddress4 *dest) {
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