Commit 212ca580 authored by Mickaël Turnel's avatar Mickaël Turnel
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Changed function name to avoid conflict

parent 198a2db6
......@@ -1309,6 +1309,8 @@ MS2_PUBLIC void text_stream_unprepare_text(TextStream *stream);
* @}
MS2_PUBLIC void update_bitrate_limit_from_tmmbr(MediaStream *obj, int br_limit);
#ifdef __cplusplus
......@@ -628,10 +628,10 @@ MSWebCamDesc *ms_mire_webcam_desc_get(void){
static void apply_bitrate_limit(MediaStream *obj, int br_limit){
void update_bitrate_limit_from_tmmbr(MediaStream *obj, int br_limit){
int previous_br_limit = rtp_session_get_target_upload_bandwidth(obj->sessions.rtp_session);
if (!obj->encoder){
ms_warning("TMMNR not applicable because no encoder for this stream.");
ms_warning("TMMBR not applicable because no encoder for this stream.");
......@@ -690,7 +690,7 @@ static void tmmbr_received(const OrtpEventData *evd, void *user_pointer) {
ms_message("MediaStream[%p]: received a TMMBR for bitrate %i kbits/s"
, ms, (int)(tmmbr_mxtbr/1000));
apply_bitrate_limit(ms, tmmbr_mxtbr);
update_bitrate_limit_from_tmmbr(ms, tmmbr_mxtbr);
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