Commit 2337e4db authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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Fix crash when mkvstream read a MKV files which some non-mandatory field are not written

parent 7ddbbace
......@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ static void _load_modules(nodemodule *modules) {
static int _parse_headers(MKVReader *obj) {
ebml_element *level0 = NULL, *level1 = NULL;
ebml_parser_context pctx, seg_pctx;
char doc_type[MAX_MKV_STRING_LENGTH];
char doc_type[9];
int doc_type_version;
int err;
int upper_level = 0;
......@@ -359,13 +359,13 @@ static int _parse_headers(MKVReader *obj) {
ms_error("MKVParser: missing elements in the EBML header");
goto fail;
EBML_StringGet((ebml_string *)EBML_MasterFindChild((ebml_master *)level0, &EBML_ContextDocType), doc_type, MAX_MKV_STRING_LENGTH);
EBML_StringGet((ebml_string *)EBML_MasterGetChild((ebml_master *)level0, &EBML_ContextDocType), doc_type, sizeof(doc_type));
err = strcmp(doc_type, "matroska");
if(err != 0) {
ms_error("MKVParser: not a matroska file");
goto fail;
doc_type_version = EBML_IntegerValue((ebml_integer *)EBML_MasterFindChild((ebml_master *)level0, &EBML_ContextDocTypeVersion));
doc_type_version = EBML_IntegerValue((ebml_integer *)EBML_MasterGetChild((ebml_master *)level0, &EBML_ContextDocTypeVersion));
NodeDelete((node *)level0);
level0 = EBML_FindNextElement(obj->file, &pctx, &upper_level, FALSE);
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