Commit 27c362bb authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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Allow to violate RFC4733 2.1 in order to interoperate with the rest of the world.

parent 30973e28
......@@ -709,14 +709,22 @@ static void configure_decoder(AudioStream *stream, PayloadType *pt, int sample_r
static int get_usable_telephone_event(RtpProfile *profile, int clock_rate){
int i;
int fallback_pt=-1;
for(i=0; i<128; ++i){
PayloadType *pt = profile->payload[i];
if (pt && strcasecmp(pt->mime_type, "telephone-event")==0 && pt->clock_rate == clock_rate
&& (pt->flags & PAYLOAD_TYPE_FLAG_CAN_SEND)){
return i;
if (pt && strcasecmp(pt->mime_type, "telephone-event")==0 && (pt->flags & PAYLOAD_TYPE_FLAG_CAN_SEND)){
if (pt->clock_rate == clock_rate)
return i;
if (pt->clock_rate == 8000)
fallback_pt = i;
return -1;
* the fallback payload type is used if the remote equipment doesn't conform to RFC4733 2.1,
* that requires to use a clock rate which is the same as the audio codec.
if (fallback_pt !=-1) ms_warning("The remote equipment doesn't conform to RFC4733 2.1 - it wants to use telephone-event/8000 despite the clock rate of the audio codec is %i", clock_rate);
return fallback_pt;
int audio_stream_start_full(AudioStream *stream, RtpProfile *profile, const char *rem_rtp_ip,int rem_rtp_port,
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