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mediastreamer2-2.9.0: ???
mediastreamer2-2.9.0: May 27, 2013
* Add support of ICE (RFC 5245).
* Split the libmediastreamer library in two libraries: libmediastreamer_base and
libmediastreamer_voip. For VoIP support, both libraries must be linked to
......@@ -6,6 +6,17 @@ mediastreamer2-2.9.0: ???
* API change to the audio_stream_new, video_stream_new, audio_stream_start_full,
video_stream_start functions to use different addresses for RTP and RTCP.
* Add accessors to set DSCP parameters for media streams.
* AudioStream recording feature added
* OpenGL video output for Linux
* Adaptive bitrate control improvements
* faster call quality indicator feedback
* stereo support for L16 codec
* iOS
-audio bugfixes
- AAC-ELD codec integration
* Android
- integration with acoustic echo canceller from WebRTC
- add pre-calibrated device latency table to configure echo canceller
mediastreamer2-2.8.2: February 22, 2012
* Enable relative prefix for plugin loading
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