Commit 2b8b1c13 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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bzrtp_iterate() shall be called from RtpModifier's process_on_schedule() callback.

Otherwise, if no packets are received, it will never be called.
parent 70e1d9a7
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ includedir=@includedir@
Name: mediastreamer
Description: A mediastreaming library for telephony applications
Requires: ortp
Requires: ortp bctoolbox
Libs: -L@libdir@ -lmediastreamer_base -lmediastreamer_voip
Cflags: -I@includedir@ @MS_PUBLIC_CFLAGS@
......@@ -54,11 +54,6 @@ struct _MSZrtpContext{
/* Helper functions */
static ORTP_INLINE uint64_t get_timeval_in_millis(void) {
struct timeval t;
return (1000LL*t.tv_sec)+(t.tv_usec/1000LL);
/* trace functions: bzrtp algo code to string */
static const char *bzrtp_hash_toString(uint8_t hashAlgo) {
......@@ -367,14 +362,21 @@ static int ms_zrtp_addExportedKeysInZidCache(void *zidCacheData, void *clientDat
/**** Transport Modifier Sender/Receiver functions ****/
static int ms_zrtp_rtp_process_on_send(struct _RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg){
static int ms_zrtp_rtp_process_on_send(RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg){
return (int)msgdsize(msg);
static int ms_zrtp_rtcp_process_on_send(struct _RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg) {
static int ms_zrtp_rtcp_process_on_send(RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg) {
return (int)msgdsize(msg);
static int ms_zrtp_rtp_process_on_receive(struct _RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg){
static void ms_zrtp_rtp_on_schedule(RtpTransportModifier *t){
MSZrtpContext *userData = (MSZrtpContext*) t->data;
bzrtpContext_t *zrtpContext = userData->zrtpContext;
// send a timer tick to the zrtp engine
bzrtp_iterate(zrtpContext, userData->self_ssrc, bctbx_get_cur_time_ms());
static int ms_zrtp_rtp_process_on_receive(RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg){
uint32_t *magicField;
MSZrtpContext *userData = (MSZrtpContext*) t->data;
......@@ -383,8 +385,7 @@ static int ms_zrtp_rtp_process_on_receive(struct _RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_
int rtpVersion;
int msgLength = (int)msgdsize(msg);
// send a timer tick to the zrtp engine
bzrtp_iterate(zrtpContext, userData->self_ssrc, get_timeval_in_millis());
// check incoming message length
if (msgLength<RTP_FIXED_HEADER_SIZE) {
......@@ -414,7 +415,7 @@ static int ms_zrtp_rtp_process_on_receive(struct _RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_
/* Nothing to do on rtcp packets, just return packet length */
static int ms_zrtp_rtcp_process_on_receive(struct _RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg) {
static int ms_zrtp_rtcp_process_on_receive(RtpTransportModifier *t, mblk_t *msg) {
return (int)msgdsize(msg);
......@@ -432,6 +433,7 @@ static int ms_zrtp_transport_modifier_new(MSZrtpContext* ctx, RtpTransportModifi
(*rtpt)->t_process_on_schedule = ms_zrtp_rtp_on_schedule;
if (rtcpt){
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