Commit 2fe56fc4 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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Fix compilation issue with some C compilers.

parent ac502825
......@@ -2611,11 +2611,13 @@ static bool_t ice_handle_received_turn_allocate_success_response(IceCheckList *c
memset(&srflx_addr, 0, sizeof(srflx_addr));
memset(&relay_addr, 0, sizeof(relay_addr));
if ((componentID > 0) && (ice_parse_stun_server_response(msg, &srflx_addr, &relay_addr) >= 0)) {
IceTransportAddress taddr = {0};
IceTransportAddress taddr;
struct sockaddr_storage recv_addr;
socklen_t recv_addr_len = sizeof(recv_addr);
TransportAddress_ComponentID taci;
memset(&taddr, 0, sizeof(taddr));
ortp_recvaddr_to_sockaddr(&evt_data->packet->recv_addr, (struct sockaddr *)&recv_addr, &recv_addr_len);
bctbx_sockaddr_ipv6_to_ipv4((struct sockaddr *)&recv_addr, (struct sockaddr *)&recv_addr, &recv_addr_len);
ice_fill_transport_address_from_sockaddr(&taddr, (struct sockaddr*)&recv_addr, recv_addr_len);
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