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When pairing ICE candidates to start connectivity checks, use the first...

When pairing ICE candidates to start connectivity checks, use the first Running check list instead of the first check list that may already be Completed.
parent aa4b8ed5
......@@ -114,6 +114,7 @@ static int ice_compare_pairs(const IceCandidatePair *p1, const IceCandidatePair
static int ice_compare_candidates(const IceCandidate *c1, const IceCandidate *c2);
static int ice_find_host_candidate(const IceCandidate *candidate, const uint16_t *componentID);
static int ice_find_nominated_valid_pair_from_componentID(const IceValidCandidatePair* valid_pair, const uint16_t* componentID);
static int ice_find_running_check_list(const IceCheckList *cl);
static void ice_pair_set_state(IceCandidatePair *pair, IceCandidatePairState state);
static void ice_compute_candidate_foundation(IceCandidate *candidate, IceCheckList *cl);
static void ice_set_credentials(char **ufrag, char **pwd, const char *ufrag_str, const char *pwd_str);
......@@ -2071,10 +2072,12 @@ static void ice_check_list_pair_candidates(IceCheckList *cl, IceSession *session
static void ice_session_pair_candidates(IceSession *session)
MSList *elem;
IceCheckList *cl;
cl = (IceCheckList *)ms_list_nth_data(session->streams, 0);
if (cl != NULL) {
elem = ms_list_find_custom(session->streams, (MSCompareFunc)ice_find_running_check_list, NULL);
if (elem != NULL) {
cl = (IceCheckList *)elem->data;
ms_list_for_each2(session->streams, (void (*)(void*,void*))ice_check_list_pair_candidates, session);
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